The Southeastern Association of Boarding Schools (or SABS) is a coalition of schools committed to promoting and supporting boarding education opportunities in the southeastern United States. With 18 schools from North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee, member schools provide a variety of learning environments and extracurricular programs to support the needs and interests of a wide range of students.

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Why Boarding School?

“I’ve never really been away from home, and it was hard for a couple of months, But I’d regret it if I hadn’t come. It’s  unreal what you get out of it. I’ve definitely learned a lot by living independently.”


Asheville School - North Carolina

“As a boarding student, our son has grown within a safe and supportive environment. We are impressed with his sense of honor, responsibility, and independence. His self-confidence unfolds more every day. We are certain that he will be well equipped to handle the opportunities and challenges of college and life.”


The Webb School - Tennessee