New Place, New People

At boarding school you will meet new people and live in a new place. The friendships you make will never be forgotten.


At boarding school you can challenge yourself academically and be proud of your work. With every new accomplishment you will learn more about yourself.


Boarding school requires you to take responsibility for your own education, while offering the support and resources to help you succeed.


At boarding school you are encouraged to try something new, and to develop your own sense of self.


Small class sizes, motivated classmates, dedicated teachers, and outstanding facilities contribute to a learning experience hard to find anywhere else.

Dedicated Faculty

At boarding school, your interaction with great teachers goes beyond the classroom. Teachers are mentors, advisors, coaches and friends.


Boarding schools are committed to helping families meet the cost. Admission is not based on financial need.

The Truth About Boarding School for Parents

The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) recently published a study, conducted by the Art and Science Group, that identifies additional, life-long benefits to attending a boarding school. The study, entitled The Truth About Boarding School, reveals five principal advantages to a boarding school education. An interactive display of the survey can be found on the TABS Web site here.

Benefits of Boarding

Why Boarding School?
10 Top Reasons To Go Boarding School
What Makes Boarding School So Special?

“I’ve never really been away from home, and it was hard for a couple of months, But I’d regret it if I hadn’t come. It’s  unreal what you get out of it. I’ve definitely learned a lot by living independently.”


Asheville School - North Carolina

“As a boarding student, our son has grown within a safe and supportive environment. We are impressed with his sense of honor, responsibility, and independence. His self-confidence unfolds more every day. We are certain that he will be well equipped to handle the opportunities and challenges of college and life.”


The Webb School - Tennessee